The OpenSpaceQuartet comes together in the usual loose order and in loose composition, according to the motto: «We’ve got nothin‘ to lose». 

The success of the extrastellar Spacemen is to bring citizens of the Earth, Vulcanians and other interested parties to a common musical exchange as we’ve learnt from Star Trek.

Music is energy and energy means vibration: Johannes Brahms, the Godfather of Swing, already prophesied in 1895 at the opening concert in Zurich’s Tonhalle (Stardate: -427199): «It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)!»*

* The quote was later attributed to Duke Ellington.

«Alphorn Theme», 1st Symphony in C minor op. 68, 4th movement, by Johannes Brahms (composed 1862–1876).